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Tattoo Box Tip

While going through our tattoos catalog, if you come across any tattoo that you like, you can add them to Tattoo Box for later review or download. You do not have to register to use Tattoo Box! Your selected tattoos will be stored in a cookie file in your browser cache.

Registration is fast, simple and FREE.

Registred users have the following advantages:

  • Download all your favourite fonts from your Tattoo Box as a single zip file.
  • Make multiple Tattoo Boxes, upto 5 separate Tattoo Boxes!
  • Download your custom made Tattoo Boxes individually as a zip file.
  • Share your Tattoo Boxes on other websites, forums, blogs, emails etc.
  • All your selected tattoos are saved to your account profile in database, This helps you retrive your fonts from other computers connected to the internet and you do not lose your selected tattoos once your browser cache is cleared.

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